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*NEW* 1000ml Bottle of Flavored Nicotine E-Liquid E-Juice

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Save your money with wholesale bulk package directly from the manufacturer!

1000ml Bottle of flavored nicotine E-Liquid E-JuiceThis is the bulk package of E-Liquid 1000 ml. It is cheaper to buy this bulk package in order to save your small bottle package and save your money too.

There is no other ecig distributor in the world that sells this 1000ml bottle to the retail public at wholesale prices!

We are now providing the VG (Vegetable Glycerine) based E-Liquid which has more smoke and is more safer, more healthier than the traditional PG (Propylene Glycol) based E-Liquid.

The E-Smoking Liquid has these different levels of nicotine to choose from:

  • Super High density of nicotine: 36 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Super Strong Cigarettes. (we are the only company that still offers 36mg eliquid)
  • Extra High density of nicotine: 24 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Extra Strong Cigarettes.
  • High density of nicotine: 16 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Regular Strength Cigarettes.
  • Medium density of nicotine: 11 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Medium Strength Cigarettes.
  • Low density of nicotine: 6 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to Ultra Light Strength Cigarettes.
  • Non density of nicotine: 0 mg nicotine, which is equivalent to No Nicotine.

There are total 50 different kinds of flavors for all the 6 kinds of nicotine levels of E-Cartridges and E-Liquid, with 300 kinds of selections for your complete choices. You can not find any other place in the world where there are so many different e-juice flavors to choose from.

You can have the following different flavors of E-Liquid E-Juice:
- Tobacco flavors:
Regular: equivalent to regular strength cigarette flavor,
Light: equivalent to light strength cigarette flavor,
Cigar: equivalent to cigar flavor,
Flue-Cured: equivalent to ordinary oriental or Chinese cigarette flavor;
- Cigarette Brands: 555, Camel, Chunghwa, Hilton, Mild Seven, Salem;
- E-Juice: Almond, Apple, Blue berry, Cherry, Chocolate, Cream, Ginseng, Grape, Lemon, Liquorice, Lilac, Melon, Menthol, Orang, Peach, Pineapple, Plum, Rose, Strawberry, Vanilla;
- Drink tastes: Coffee, Green Tea, Red Tea, Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull, Brandy, Champagne, Whiskey and Tasteless.


This is a list of commonly used substances in E-Liquid. Depending on the recipe, not all of them are used: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Glycerol, Tobacco essence, Organic acid, Anti-oxidation agent, Butyl valerate, Isopentyl hexonate, Lauryl laurate, Benzyl benzoate, Methyl octynicate, Ethyl heptylate, Hexyl hexanoate, Geranyl butyrate, Menthol, Citric acid, Water and Alcohol


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Claus Nordsøn on Apr 24, 2012 Said:

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I’m creating a website where I will sell e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. I’m about to test different products and have heard good things about your products and would like to start working with them.

I want to sell your product in Denmark and the rest of scandinavia. I hope you find it interesting.

I would like to hear about the trade conditions and prices of your products.

Looking forward to hearing from them in the near future.

My webside will be ready in 2 – 3 weeks.

Best regards,

Claus Nordsøn

Aaron on May 2, 2012 Said:

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If you are looking for great products to sell, check out: http://electronicecig.com/affiliates-2/

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