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E-Liquid Injector Syringe. Fill Your Empty Ecig Cartridges.

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Easily Re-Fill Your Empty E-Cig Nicotine Cartridges With Fresh Ejuice

Electric Cigarette Ejuice Eliquid Injector SyringeThis injector is specially used for injecting the E-Liquid into the E-Cartridges for any of E-Cig products, such as for E-Cigar, E-Cigarillo, E-Cigarette, E-Pipe.
You can easily refill any of our ecig cartridges or our ecig cartomizers such as the e-cig E-8 8mm cartomizer or the E-9 9mm cartomizer. Fill up empty carts or even re-use and re-fill the pre-filled factory filled cartridges.

With this injector, you can easily make the perfect E-Cartridges just the way the manufacturers do, letting you enjoy your E-Cig products even longer.

The e-cig injector syringe comes in two different sizes:
5ml or 5cc
25ml or 25cc

Use Direction:

  • 1. Draw the E-Liquid inside the Injector.
  • 2. Put the syringe into the bottom of the E-Cartridge.
  • 3. Inject from the bottom until the E-Liquid comes up to top.

Electric Cigarette Ejuice Eliquid Injector Syringe

We can recommend purchasing the sample box of 40 different flavors of ejuice with this injector syringe or if you know which flavors you enjoy the best we can recommend purchasing your eliquid in bulk to save even more money.


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monica sandu on Jul 26, 2012 Said:

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where can i purchase this syringe? please let me know either here on comments or by email to monicasrox90s@gmail.com.

Aaron on Sep 30, 2012 Said:

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The keep changing the links on me. Thanks for letting me know.

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