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Rubber Tips For Your E-Cig Cartridges

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Keep Your Ecig Cartridges Fresh In Storage Or Share With A FriendRubber Tips For Your Electric Cigarette Cartridges

There are two different sizes of disposable rubber tips: one with the diameter 8mm for E-Cigarette E8 or USB-eCig U8, another with the diameter 9mm for E-Cigarette E9, E-Cigarette E9m, USB-eCig U9 or USB-eCig U9m.

There are also two different types of disposable rubber tips: one with hole, another one without hole.

For the disposable rubber tip with hole, you can easily enjoy your E-Cig with your friend or other people. This allows you to share your electric cigarette experience with other people with out having to worry about germs and viruses. This is especially good for people who sell ecigs so that you can demonstrate the functions and let curious customers see how great electric cigarettes are first hand. It is so hard to just describe how it feels, it is so much better when people can actually try the ecigs out for themselves. This is a great selling point and good to add a demonstration unit at your point-of-sale counter in your store. Make sure you buy plenty of these because everyone who see the ecigs in action will want to try it out!

With the disposable rubber tips without the hole you can place these onto a new factory filled cartridge or a cartridge that you have filled or re-filled yourself to keep the E-Liquid fresh and make it last longer in storage.


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